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About the Agency

Tessler Literary Agency is a full-service boutique agency that represents both established and first time authors of upmarket fiction and non-fiction.

Committed to developing careers, we work as our clients' creative and business partner throughout the entire publishing process. Sharp editorial focus is given to authors before their work is submitted, and marketing support is provided along the way, as publishers begin to position the book in the marketplace through catalog copy, jacket designs, and marketing, promotion and launch strategies.

We handle all domestic, UK, foreign, and subsidiary rights for our clients—including film and television, audio, and eformats.

With a strong network of co-agents throughout the world, we aggressively promote our authors' work internationally and place our titles with leading foreign publishers. We regularly attend the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair, and Book Expo America. Translation rights are sold directly in association with: Andrew Nurnberg Associates in Western and Eastern Europe, China and Latin America; Tuttle Mori in Japan and Thailand; Eric Yang Agency in Korea; the Kayi Agency in Turkey; Read n' Right in Greece; and the Deborah Harris Agency in Israel.

We work non-exclusively with a variety of Hollywood-based agents for the placement of film, television and documentary rights.

The agency was formed in 2004 by Michelle Tessler, who previously worked at the prestigious literary agency Carlisle & Company (now Inkwell Management) and at the William Morris Agency.

In addition to her agenting experience, Michelle worked as an executive of business development and marketing in the Internet industry. In 1994, just as the Internet was becoming a mainstream medium, she was hired by best-selling author James Gleick to help launch The Pipeline. She later worked at Jupiter Communications, an Internet market research company, and at ScreamingMedia, an online content syndication company, before returning to publishing.

In light of the digital opportunities that are transforming publishing, Michelle's experience in the Internet world is of great benefit to her authors, both as they navigate ebook and app opportunities, and as they look for creative and effective ways to market their books to niche communities that can be targeted online.

A native New Yorker, Michelle has a Master's Degree in English literature and is a member of the Association of Authors' Representatives and Women's Media Group.

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